Move in the direction your nose is pointing.

I read the Bible through a number of times, and recall reading the word “retire” in it only once. It is in Numbers 8:25 and only applies to Levitical Priests. I’m not a Levite nor a Priest. Abraham was 75 years old when he answered God’s call to leave his home. He called Moses to […]

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Can I Mention “Money” in a Title?

Every day I go out to the garden and see my mind’s picture of what it could be. I imagine the patio finished with an outdoor grill and tables. I dream of a camp fire area, a half-court for basketball, even a small swimming pool. I visualize trees to sit under, benches to sit on, colorful flower beds, lawns instead of weeds, a hidden irrigation system. . .

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Days of Yore

I’m sitting here listening to Christmas music in a country where Christmas is not celebrated. Patty and I went out to buy some Christmas ornaments at a large wholesale store in town. There is a small section that has some lights and fake trees. It’s enough. We can go to a mall and hear Christmas […]

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Not Quite Perfect

Our new dining hall project is underway. It’s exciting to see the work, but it’s also a challenge to not judge the process from my western perspective.  I watched the workers built the mold for the concrete foundation wall. Not quite square. Close, though. I watched them pour the concrete for the floor. Not quite […]

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Always Learning

We began this week by finishing off two projects. We pulled out an old cemented-in bathtub that was in one of the upstairs bathrooms. We did it to check for what we thought was dampness or a leak under the tub. It was surrounded by bricks and tiles so the demolition involved big hammers (Oooo […]

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What’s a Farm Without a Tractor?

We do our garden work with a minimum of tools. Picks, shovels, hoes, and rakes mostly. harvesting is by hand, and fruit transported with wheelbarrows. We have an olive grove with over twenty-five trees (I’m counting in my head, but I think I’m close.) There are about ten orange trees, maybe 25 pomegranate trees, and […]

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When the Kids Come Over

We sometimes get a family visiting in our guesthouse. If possible, Patty and I like to take the children off the parent’s hands for a little while in order to give Mom and Dad a break, or a night out. It’s always fun particularly when they are little. They get to know us as “Aunt […]

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Can’t Just Go Get It

In Christian work, we can’t just go out and get everything we want. If it’s a big item we have to raise money for it. We mow most of our property with a weed whacker. We finally got a gas powered push mower this spring. It’s five acres of weeds and some grass. We dig […]

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Cooling Down

When we arrived here, we were impressed with what was already in place. But we noticed needs right away. We began dreaming of potential additions and improvements, but what a great platform to build from! There is another couple who work with us part time and live down the hill in town. Our team leaders […]

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